Public Safety

If I feel threatened by an individual carrying a loaded, concealed gun in a public place, how should I handle the situation? I believe I have the right to my own public safety.

You should avoid any confrontation with the individual, and immediately report what you have witnessed to the person or people in control of premise, and, if necessary, local law enforcement.


Does Illinois have a “Stand Your Ground” statute? 

In recent years, concealed carry laws have become associated with controversial and tragic incidents, primarily in Florida, related to so-called “Stand Your Ground” laws.

At its core, a “Stand Your Ground” law allows a person to use deadly force in self-defense in a public place with no duty to retreat.  Florida’s law and many others like it also present other public safety issues, including granting immunity from criminal prosecution, which can be raised at a pre-trial hearing to absolve the shooter and halt prosecution, as well as immunity from civil liability for injury to other persons.

Illinois does not have a Stand Your Ground law.  While a person may use deadly force in self-defense with no duty to retreat, this rule has been created by past judicial decisions and may only be raised during a prosecution as an affirmative defense. Illinois has none of the immunity laws, pre-trial hearings, or other negative public safety provisions that characterize a true Stand Your Ground law.

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